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Weekly lessons are to be paid by check, cash or Venmo (AnnMStewart15) at the first lesson of the month for all lessons that month. If student knows of scheduling conflict before payment, we will adjust lesson times or tuition. After that if student determines not to attend a lesson for any reason except illness, there will be no rescheduling or refund, unless student on their own swaps with another student. If I cancel a lesson, it will be rescheduled or refunded. 


Weekly students who are unable to commit to disciplined rehearsal will move to Vocal Coaching. Lessons without regular practice are not good for a parent's pocketbook or my studio. I look forward to watching all my students grow vocally as well as in discipline and maturity.


To register a new student please


1. Download Registration Form 

2. Fill out all information

3. Email to us!

We will contact you to confirm time and dates for lessons.



per 1 hr


per 30 min

Vocal Lessons

Weekly lessons 

Vocal Coaching & Audition Prep

One to three lessons as needed to prepare for an upcoming audition or event.

Group Lesson / Master Class

Students perform for one another with a coach


Students perform for one another as well as invited guests. The only cost is a minimal fee for the accompanist, room rental, programs and refreshments.

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